Urgent Care Tips: Conditioning Yourself for a Run in Spokane Valley

The 2016 Bloomsdale Run is a good opportunity to put your body to the test. Not only is running beneficial to your health but it also allows you to participate in community events. Though the event will be fun and thrilling, you shouldn’t take your health for granted. Runs like these require preparation weeks before the event. Otherwise, you may strain and exhaust your body, forcing you to seek urgent care in Spokane Valley instead of simply enjoying the run.

Here’s a guide on how to ready yourself for the run:


Make a Schedule 

To train for the run, you need to plot the days when you will be running, walking, or resting. Doing these activities will help strengthen your body to avoid fatigue and injuries. For instance, you can allot a day for a 30-minute cycle of running for 15 seconds and walking for 45 seconds. As weeks go by, you can increase the running time and reduce the walking time to allow your body to adjust. Always make time to rest because your muscles and joints need time to recover.

Take Care of your Body 

Eating and exercising properly are necessary to be fit for the run. Consume food rich in calcium and vitamins that can boost your energy. Fruits, vegetables and plenty of water are also good for your health. You may also want to do cross-training that involves swimming, cycling, and walking. Sports like soccer and basketball can also be beneficial by improving your endurance.

Do the Run Right 

Joining runs isn’t just about sprinting to the finish line. You need to create a pace so that you won’t tire out easily. Warming up before the start is necessary to flex the muscles and joints. Cooling down after the run, on the other hand, will help avoid fatigue. Another thing to remember is to keep yourself hydrated, especially if it’s hot outside.

Keep your Sight on the Goal 

No matter what happens, do your best to reach the finish line. You may want to distract yourself from the exhaustion by listening to music or thinking about inspiring and motivating things that can push you towards the goal. Running doesn’t only require physical capability but also a strong mind and will.

Keeping all these things in mind will help you complete the run successfully and injury-free. In case you experience any pain or discomfort that doesn’t go away after the run, go to Spokane Valley urgent care clinics immediately.

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