Urgent Care Clinics in Spokane Valley Discuss Golf and Back Pain

Golf enthusiasts take their sport seriously. They not only dress the part and gear up with top-notch equipment, they also make sure to allot time to practice their swings in preparation for a game.

Back Pain

This preparation will come in handy for this year’s Liberty Lake Amateur Tournament. With all the excitement surrounding the tournament happening on Father’s Day weekend (June 18-19) at the Liberty Lake Golf Course, make sure that you are ready physically so that you don’t overexert yourself and get a painful back injury.

Physical Conditioning for Golf

As your reliable local urgent care clinic in Spokane Valley will remind you, golf is a very physically demanding sport, especially for your back. It may look easy with those graceful swings and stylish finishing poses, but the reality is that this repetitive movement is also putting strain on your lower back.

To ensure that you are not doing any damage to your back, follow these simple tips and you’ll have an even more enjoyable time on the golf course.

Stretch and warm-up – The first thing that you should do before you take that first swing is to stretch your back. In addition, warm up  your shoulders, torso, arms, and hips  so that they don’t tighten up when you start playing.

Tense muscles and unsound bones can all contribute to lower back pain, something that can last beyond the golf tournament.

Practice Swings and SwaysPracticing your swings isn’t just to get a hole-in-one, but also for your hips. Swaying your hips as you deliver your swing helps loosen your muscles, thereby easing the pressure on your lower back.

Not only that, but it should help you perfect the correct form for playing golf. Many golfers forget the formal techniques, which were designed to prevent injuries.

Get Immediate Medical Assistance if InjuredSometimes, injuries still occur despite your best efforts. A pulled muscle is pretty common in golf tournaments, as well as long-lasting back pain. You can administer first aid, but should be careful not to aggravate the condition. The best way to ensure a quick recovery is to come to the nearest Spokane Valley urgent care center, such as U.S. HealthWorks.

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