Kitchen Safety Tips from Urgent Care Specialists in Spokane Valley

The Kitchen Engine will be hosting cooking classes for everyone interested in picking up a new skill or hobby, so get ready to put your aprons on! If you think that it’s time for you to impress your family and friends, then go ahead and “discover your inner chef” with the help of their monthly classes and other activities.

Before you do so, however, it’s best that you prepare yourself with safety tips, such as the following provided by your local Spokane Valley urgent care center. The kitchen, after all, is a room where you can be easily exposed to burns and injuries, mostly because of the equipment that you will be using and handling.

Wear Proper Clothing

There’s a reason why kitchen workers always make sure to wear hair nets, aprons, and gloves. Being in the kitchen involves preparing food for consumption, after all, and so the health of your diners literally is in your hands.

kitchen safety tips

Apart from that, though, it’s important to wear proper clothing because it will keep you safe and protected. The gloves should prevent your hands from getting burned, the shoes with the right traction can keep you safe from slips and falls, while the hair net keeps your hair out of the way so it won’t snag, fall on food plates or get singed from a hot stove as you lean down to get your baked goods out of the oven.

Practice Your Equipment Handling Skills

How you handle your equipment is going to be crucial in learning how to cook. Your knife set will be practically your best friend throughout this culinary journey of yours, and so it’s only right that you know how to use knives properly.

Cuts and slices are among the most common injuries that cooks and chefs experience. Burned hands are, too, as well as knives flying off the handles or dropping on the floor, or worse, your foot. Needless to say, these are not only painful, but can also be quite inconvenient, especially since you have to work with your hands in the kitchen. Practicing your handling skills is going to be crucial, therefore, to ensuring a safe time in the kitchen.

Learn First Aid

Ideally, if you do receive a bad injury, you should immediately check yourself into an expert provider of urgent care in Spokane Valley. Before doing so it may be wise to attempt some degree of first aid so that you stabilize the injury. Cleaning and dressing the wound, and putting pressure on it to keep the wound from bleeding are crucial first aid measures to take to mitigate the damage. As soon as you can, though, make sure to get professional medical attention so that it won’t get infected.


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