The Most Common Asthma Triggers Revealed by Urgent Care Facilities

The Spokane County Interstate Fair has becoming an annual gathering for people young and old for more than 60 years. There’s something in store for everyone, as there are musical shows, rides, contests, and lots of great food to enjoy.


In these outdoor events, many people are prone to getting exhausted. Some may even experience shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing, which are telltale signs of asthma.

The Washington Department of Health reports that about 600,000 individuals in the state are diagnosed with asthma. On a national level, it is a fairly common condition that can afflict about 17.7 million children and adults. A Spokane Valley walk in clinic is aware of this prevalent condition, and they can identify the signs of an asthma attack.

Different individuals manifest different reactions to asthma triggers. Some may start to cough or wheeze, while some have chest pains. By figuring out the factors that cause your asthma attack, you can then avoid these triggers, prevent the symptoms, and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.


If you smoke and are suffering from asthma, it is advised that you quit immediately. You can also try to ask people in your home not to smoke when you are near.

Air Pollution

Emissions from automobiles can also trigger asthma attacks in certain individuals. In some cases, campfires, cookouts, or even stove fires can cause someone to wheeze, cough, or even experience breathlessness. It is recommended that you stay in a well-ventilated area, or keep yourself far from sources of air pollution as possible.


Insecticides, perfumes, detergents, paints, and other chemicals may emit strong smells that can irritate your airways. If possible, avoid using products with strong odors when cleaning your home. If you need to, wear a mask or keep a window open to ventilate the room properly.

Certain Food Types

Sources explain that foods that are high in sulfites or preservatives like dried fruit or processed potatoes can cause an asthma attack. In some patients, eating shrimp or similar food may also be a trigger. For beverages, wine and beer are also known to cause asthma attacks. Try to steer clear from these items in your diet.

As you go around the fairgrounds, be sure to be mindful of others in your group. Some may feel exhausted and may be having a mild asthma attack. For this reason, you should be able to identify the centers that offer urgent care in Spokane Valley, so you can get quick relief for the patient during an asthma episode.

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