Be Sport Ready with a Sports Physical at a Local Urgent Care Clinic

The Pumpkin Pacer 5K Run at Deer Park, Washington promises to exercise your body and keep your blood pumping. Because runners will be dressed in Halloween costumes, they can combine frivolity with athleticism, guaranteeing a fun time for spectators as well.

Even better, the Pumpkin Pacer does its best to keep pace with community needs by devoting all proceeds to local food banks, such as the Greenhouse Food Bank and Loon Lake Food Bank. It is a win-win situation for everyone: Get fit, have fun, help the needy.

However, don’t get so excited you forget to receive a sports physical. This type of physical exam, not to be confused with your comprehensive annual physical, ensures that you are fit and healthy enough to participate in a chosen physical activity. It is a legal requirement by many athletic governing boards and can be obtained as easily as visiting a Spokane Valley urgent care clinic.


Sports Physical in a Nutshell 

Also called a pre-participation physical examination, a sports physical examines, tests and analyzes your medical history, past injuries, vital signs, and general condition. The physician will point out diseases or injuries unbeknownst to you that could threaten your health by participating in an activity. After the exam, the doctor will either give you the green light to participate or recommend further tests.

Reasons to Undergo a Sports Physical 

It is important to know your health condition before participating in an activity that demands physical exertion and muscular dexterity. Otherwise you risk injury or illness. For instance, if you were unaware of your high blood pressure or asthma, you may find yourself surprisingly falling ill during the activity without knowing how to treat the ailment.

A sports physical also informs you of alternative ways to participate in the activity, should medical complications prevent full participation. For example, a sports physical may reveal joint problems that discourage intensive running.

This does not mean, though, that you should not participate in a running activity; the exam allows the doctor to guide you to proper exercise and training to meliorate the issue. The doctor can address other reasons for caution, such as knee instability, irregular heartbeat, and elbow dislocation.

Understanding what a sports physical is and why you should receive one–available from any provider of urgent care in Spokane Valley–is essential to maintaining your health and, in some cases, keeping you alive. Do not take your sport readiness for granted.

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