Spokane Valley Urgent Care: Proper Food and Exercise Before a Race

You need strength, stamina, and energy to complete the upcoming 11th Annual Susan G. Komen Eastern Washington Race for the Cure 5k. This way, you can join other participants in contributing to a cause aimed at implementing research, education, screening, and treatment programs for breast cancer. Before participating, it’s best to undergo proper training and consume the right food to increase your chances of finishing the race and to recover quickly. Being prepared helps avoid injuries that would require urgent care in Spokane Valley.

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Three Reasons Why Walking at the Custer Arts & Crafts Show Is Healthy

To keep your heart and the rest of your body healthy, medical researchers recommend that adults walk at least 10,000 steps per day. You do not have to walk quickly or run in order to achieve an ideal level of physical fitness; even just walking while browsing at the Custer Arts & Crafts festival this spring is a great way to get in some of those steps. With these tips from providers at a Spokane Valley urgent care center, you can help to keep your heart and your spirit healthy.
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Spokane Valley Urgent Care Watches Out for Bikers

Manito Park is one of the most visited locations in Spokane, Washington. It has wonderful trails that people can bike through, offering nature at its best. With manicured lawns, topiary, walking and biking trails in a peaceful area, and even playgrounds for children, this park has it all. If you are a biker, however, it is important to know how to safely use these trails. Continue reading

Urgent Care Clinics: Tips On What to Do When You Fall Off Your Bike

Road cycling, mountain biking and other related bike activities are highly popular in Spokane Valley, and they are fun, low-impact ways to get plenty of exercise. You may take steps to protect yourself from injury while on your bike, such as by wearing a helmet. Accidents can and do happen, however, to even the safest cyclists and you may have recently had a minor issue that resulted in some scrapes and bruises. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to care for yourself after a fall. Continue reading

Urgent Care Providers Share Prevention Tips for These Winter Illnesses

Your health is your wealth. While it’s important to keep your body in check throughout the entire year, the colder winter months of October through February are common seasonal illness culprits. Nothing hurts the wallet and life’s comforts like spending a few weeks sick on the couch, so it’s absolutely crucial to prevent as many winter illnesses as possible with help from urgent care providers. Continue reading

Keep Safety and Urgent Care Needs in Mind when Joining Running Events

If you live in Spokane Valley, love walking or running, and want to show support for victims of domestic abuse, you might be interested in participating in this year’s Stomp Out Abuse Run/Walk. On its 5th year, the event will be held on September 19 starting at the Riverfront Park – divided into 5K Run/Walk and 10K Run categories. Everyone is invited and strollers are welcome, but no pets or bikes are allowed on the race course. Continue reading